Jensen Shoes: Lyndon Brooks Story Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Jane Kravitz (Caucasian women), manager of strategic products, and Lyndon Brooks (African American men), a member of its staff footwear Jensen, a successful manufacturer and marketer of accident, sports and children's shoes, appointed to new positions and each other at the beginning of the story. Represents their very different points of view on their first couple of months of working together. Can be taught in a variety of forms: for all students receiving both cases, half gets a half getting the other, or a third-class receiving both, one gets one-third and one-third of the production of other (as necessary). Should be used with Jensen Shoes: Jane Kravitz's story. This case is a revised version of the Jensen shoes. Lyndon Twitchell stories in "Hide
by Maria Gentile, Pamela J. Maus Source: HBS Premier Case Collection 8 pages. Publication Date: Dec 05, 1994. Prod. #: 395121-PDF-ENG

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Jensen Shoes: Lyndon Brooks Story

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