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IT ESSAY Case Solution


            The business landscape is being changed completed by Information Technology. Although, the strategies of the business and the organizational cultures shape the use of the IT however, nowadays, this impact is stronger the other way round. IT in business affects the strategic options of the businesses and it creates issues and opportunities for the business managers which they need to address at the right time(Skyrme, 2011).

However, making use of IT either too slow or too fast can be disastrous for the organizations and there are many reasons due to which the use of IT, at the right time determines the new competitive advantages of companies(High, 2014). The use of IT at the right time changes the structure of the industry and alters the rules of the competition, creates competitive advantages for the companies to outperform their competitors and finally it spawns a whole new business. In this essay, we discuss how moving slow with information technology could prove to be wrong for businesses.

Scenario Discussion

            Consider a scenario where the organization knows its position within the industry and knows where the industry is moving. The management of the company believes that staying with the latest IT is good for their business however, it does not actually move ahead to adopt IT. The results of the Trends vs. Technology 2016 report showed that around 78% of the employees across various industries felt that keeping up to date with IT and adapting to it is highly vital and crucial for creating competitive advantage for the companies(Brown, 2016).

The same survey also asked the respondents about whether the IT trends were relevant to their business, if they were being implemented across the industry and whether the specific IT tools were being implemented in their own businesses or not. Around 90% of the employees stated that adapting to IT was highly relevant to their industry, 64% reported that it was being implemented across the industry and only 39% reported to implement IT in their business(Brown, 2016). Overall, the results showed that majority of the organizations were slow to move in using IT in their business.

Other studies found that there are a number of roadblocks due to which organizations move slowly in using IT in their businesses.These include inertia of the legacy systems, data governance concerns, perception of the security risks and lack of skill in the organization in recognizing the new technology. Therefore, when these issues block an organization, especially the inertia of the legacy systems in place, then their pace of adapting to or moving with IT becomes too slow. When this organization moves too slowly in using IT within its business to maintain its competitive edge in the market, they ultimately fail.

Example of Kodak

            One of the best examples of an organization, which moved too slowly in using IT, is Kodak. Digital Photography had taken off Kodak but Kodak was not ready for it. From the late 1990s to 2008, the market of the digital cameras in United States had grown rapidly from around 4.5 million units in the year 2000 to 28.3 million units in the year 2007. During this time period, Kodak had only focused on the niche markets of digital technology. They started to offers sensors to the other companies rather than making their own products with the help of IT(Crook, 2012)................

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