Investing in a Retirement Plan Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

A middle-aged as he needs to retire within 10 to 12 years and begin his own consultancy investor is searching for a pension plan. His financial advisor suggests four investment strategies, each a mixture of equities and bonds with different risk elements. An investment that's more impartial also has greater level of risk however provides higher returns.

The Inflation, equity markets, bond trends, interest rates, selection yields and likely annuities all need to be assessed. Annual contributions and the accumulation of a corpus fund at the time of maturity also must be considered. The investor needs to ensure that his pension plan will generate the annuities required to support his retirement but is still unsure which plan to select.

Learning Objective: Its aims are:

To provide an insight into the investigation required for the selection of a pension plan.

To comprehend the equity and bond markets in India.

Publication Date: 11/09/2015

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