Technology Plus, Inc. – Moving Onward Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Virginia IT firm, Technology Plus was maintaining the information technology systems for businesses and the authorities. The business had grown through acquisition, enlarging areas of expertise, its technology solution capabilities, seller relationships and the client bases. In the early phase of 2010, the firm was at crossroads – contemplating how far and how rapidly to expand, how you can incorporate earlier acquisitions into present operations, and how you can acquire funding for the ongoing high growth, whether the organic (funding via current income), or through additional acquisitions.

Technology Plus, Inc. - Moving Onward case study solution

Decisions regarding the near future of the business were complicated since the three owners were not able to agree. Founder Gary Hesse rejected any speculative expansions that may require additional collateral and was reluctant to put his personal assets at higher risk level. Ethan found his position frustrating to consider bankruptcy, selling the whole company, or selling his part of the firm.


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Technology Plus, Inc. – Moving Onward

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