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In the above figure, green lines are indicating the size of positive impacts while red lines are depicting the size of negative impacts. To incorporate with this framework, the policymakers should efficiently analyze the size of all impacts and should carefully interpret the figure. This framework is unique from the others as it includes the all possible impacts. Now we discuss the each three impacts briefly

Welfare Impact

Firstly this impact covers the time savings of the journey. One of the main issue regarding the transportation system that passenger complaints is the waste of their time during the journey that may be caused due to the lack of transport or traffic jams. While designing the policies, strategies to cut the cost of fuel should also be implemented. Short distance and long distance agglomeration have also been addressed under this framework. The rules and regulations are also addressed in this framework for the reduction of road accidents. One of the major issue, control of emission of greenhouse gases has also been discussed under this framework. The reduction of noise pollution that adversely affects the human health has also been pointed out here. Provision of visual amenities has also been covered here. This framework also covers the coding of transportation such that it can improve the quality of lives of citizens. The disutility of work is the important impact that needs to be optimized.

Economic Impact

In this framework, under the impacts of Economic impacts, The projections regarding Gross Domestic Product of the state has also been mentioned. While designing the policies for transportation, the projections for the job opportunities by the new project should be made. Productivity that can be generated by the implementation of new projects should also be projected. While focusing the main things, imports and exports of the state should not be ignored as it is one of the main contributors in the state’s economy.

Fiscal Impact

In this framework, the fiscal impact includes construction, maintenance, corporate, and indirect. While introducing the new policies regarding transportation, it must be kept in mind that how will it affect the construction sector. Maintenance of the transports should also be politicized. This framework also makes sure the efficient use of investments in transportation along with the impacts of the corporate sector.........

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