Innovation & Technology Management of Apple IPHONE Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


To analyze the management of innovation and technology at strategic and organizational level, APPLE IPHONE has been chosen as company for analysis and more specifically the new product launched by the company IPHONE 6 with some new features which created a problem for the organization. In IPHONE 6, company wanted to include a differentiation function named as Sapphire Screens of IPHONE which was not launched by any competitor.

This glass was introduced by APPLE IPHONE in its cover for their cameras earlier as well as for luxury watches and they were of the opinion that this innovation will lead to create differentiation in their product and it will attract its customers more. For these glasses, they forecasted to invest a budget of around one billion dollars by the construction of a factory for Sapphire glass production by leading in the high tech world. As, company did not have the expertise in this technology so, they outsourced the expertise of GT Advanced technology which will be producing these glasses in huge quantity for IPHONE.
Innovation & Technology Management of Apple IPHONE Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Technological and Innovative problems occurred when in IPHONE 6, Sapphire glasses were broken and the GT Company did not have the expertise for producing these glasses for a mobile phone and resulted in huge losses for both the company and they were blaming each other for this loss. This paper will discuss about the problems and solutions by using theoretical concepts in the next headings systematically.

What is Innovation?

Innovation is to launch an existing product or process with some alterations or by adding some new and improved features in a product or process to enhance its demand or create a better positioning in the minds of its customers so that customer find it unique and easy to use for himself.  This is relatively less costly than invention as it involves the huge spending on Research and Development which makes its product more expensive than innovative product.

So, many organizations try to cut their costs by reengineering their processes of already patented products to get benefit from it and become successful in a very short period of time. Sapphire glass in IPHONE 6 was merely an innovation by the APPLE IPHONE Company to create differentiation in its product and add value to its product. But these innovations need careful planning and organization of its goals to get maximum benefit out of their limited resources.

What is Technology?

For inventing or innovation, it is necessary to use some methods or ways to executive the desired strategy into the effective outcomes. These ways involve different procedures and techniques to convert your raw materials into the finished goods. This may be used for the reengineering process which needs to be planned very quickly and properly to reduce the chances of failure.

It is necessary to use the compatible devices which match with the capability and functions of your product. If you do not have the relevant skills for operating the heavy machinery, your huge amount of investment will go in vain. Same is the case with IPHONE 6 launch which required huge planning and compatible technology with experienced people for preparation of Sapphire glasses for mobile phone which bring cost effective solution for the company with a differentiated product featuring having great quality and positioning in the minds of its customers as value for money product which they failed to maintain due to the poor management of innovation and technology at strategic and organizational levels................

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