Innovation Magic Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Why are certain products and services experience, it seems as if by magic, making them all but doomed to success, while other items languish on the shelves? For a better understanding of what may be no better place to turn than to the world of magic. Note that some professional magicians are constantly under pressure to come up with new "effects" that will wow the audience, and ultimately lead to the transformation of the customer experience. As such, these wizards can not simply be innovative on a whim, they must have a systematic way of doing this on a regular basis. The note provides some practical advice on the creation, which is common to both, "tricks" that fear spellbound audience, and what companies need to do to provide customers with products and services memorable experience. "Hide
by Stefan Thomke, Jason Randall, 18 pages. Publication Date: May 15, 2012. Prod. #: 612099-PDF-ENG

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Innovation Magic

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