Indirect Competition: Strategic Considerations Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Competitive theorists began to study the competitive behavior that minimizes competition and head-to-head confrontation, competitive style is called "indirect competition." This theoretical extension gives a more complete explanation of competitive behavior in the market and offers managers a greater array of competitive options from which to choose. Three types indirect competition discussed are: keeping a low profile, avoiding head-to-head competition and review of the battle. Though perhaps the best example of Chinese business practices, indirect competition is relevant to managers around the world. Benefits of competing "outside the box" (in accordance with the prevailing westerly standards) may be numerous and unexpected.
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by Ming-Jer Chen, Tadd Wilson Source: Darden School of Business 6 pages. Publication Date: July 17, 2003. Prod. #: UV0132 -PDF-ENG

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Indirect Competition: Strategic Considerations

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