Iceland’s Energy Policy: Finding the Right Path Forward Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

 Iceland has two features that are unique. Firstly, it has a single most exclusive landscapes on the planet. A state twice the size of Switzerland, it's only 300,000 inhabitants and consequently most of its regions are sparsely inhabited. Second, in addition, it has access to considerable quantities of "green energy" in the type of geothermal and hydroelectric power and in the future, possibly wind. Further in Iceland green energy is relatively affordable.

These two characteristics have set in motion an important discussion - Should Iceland hasten the development of its green energy resources by bringing more power intensive businesses to locate in the nation and possibly export some of its authority to Europe or is it ought to recede the speed of power development and focus on maintaining its exceptional natural resources and build up its tourism business? This case addresses these two choices. It is build around two specific judgments - whether the government must accept a new strategy composed by the national electric company to aggressively adopt additional development of its energy resources and should build the generating facilities that would supply the electricity for a fourth aluminum smelter. Instance Amount 1968



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Iceland’s Energy Policy: Finding the Right Path Forward

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