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The interview that has been conducted in the paper is with the HR manager at “Super Cool Ice cream” (FICTICIOUS COMPANY). The company has been a part of the United States ice cream market which is quite competitive in terms of the different brands available in the market.

 Moreover, the industry players have all been offering high quality, premium ice cream with variety of flavours. This generally makes the market quite competitive in terms of profits, employees and the production simultaneously. The HR manager for “Super Cool Ice Cream” is Darrell Hill. He has been a part of the firm for over seven years. Since he has joined the firm, the company has been quite successful in ensuring high quality skilled and technical individuals.

However, for the past 18 months, the company has been facing the major issue of increasing employee turnover. The employees who have been a part of the company for a long time have actually left the firm. This has been a normal practise at “Super Cool Ice Cream”.

The increasing turnover has actually affected the company in a negative manner. The organization has been once considered as an organization that valued its human resource. However, today things have changed and the employees have been unable to relate to this aspect of the company.

The people that have been involved in the firm are quite a few workers who are the major work force that prepare ice cream at the company factory that is located in San Francisco. From there on, the ice cream is sent to the different cities where Super Cool Ice Cream has been functioning.

Moreover, Super Cool Ice Cream has been following a centralized organizational structure where each unit head is the sole decision maker for the company. Although he does take advices from his subordinates, however the overall decision making authority lies in the hand of the unit head.

The CEO of the company stays in consultation with the six unit heads of the company that regularly update the CEO of the business activities.  The major units of the company are Sales and Marketing, Manufacturing, Distribution, Finance, Administration and the Human Resource.

Darrell Hill being the HR manager at Super Cool Ice Cream has been the prime decision maker for his department where his major role is to short list the right candidate. The department that needs an employee or has a new opening informs the HR department, which then hires the employee for the respective department.

This has been the major purpose of the department. However, Darrell Hill has also looked after the other HR policies also where the number of leaves, overtime, compensation, salary is also handled by the department.

Finally, it can be said that, the company once being the major player in the market with the element of having the most appropriate human resource has been facing an issue of increasing employee turnover. The firm has been finding the reasons of this issue and the HR manager has been given the responsibility to actually find out the reasons for the increasing employee turnover and the related issues.


The case that has been selected in the paper is about the United States based ice cream maker “Super Cool Ice Cream” that has been based in San Francisco has been functional in the market for more than 25 years. It has gauged a lot of customers during the last decade or so where the company has introduced sugar free ice cream.

This major induction or the innovation that has been adopted by the company has made it reap in reasonable profits. However, as the case states, the company has been facing the issue of increasing employee turnover. As the major issue of the case has been the high employee turnover, therefore, the HR manager has to deal with it and also find the actual reason that has caused the firm to face such an issue.

Since Super Cool Ice Cream has been a firm that has more than 1500 employees operating in the head quarter and different regional offices, therefore, the company usually makes decision from the head office and it is passed on and imposed upon the employees within the firm.

Recently the firm faced the issue of increasing employee turnover, therefore, the issue has been occurred which needs to be rectified. The employee turnover at the firm has been occurred due to the following reasons.Human Resource Management Case Solution

Lack of recognition:

The major reason, which has led to increase in employee turnover at Super Cool Ice Cream, has been solely because of the fact that the company has been quite ignorant of the fact where it needs to actually recognize the efforts of the employees..........................

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