Ho Chi Minh Securities Corporation: Seeking Competitive Advantage Invietnam’s Evolving Financial Sector Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Ho Chi Minh Securities Corporation: Seeking Competitive Advantage Invietnam’s Evolving Financial Sector Case Study Solution


Arenas tells us that where we are going to compete for market share. HSC company can increase their market share by introducing new departments and services at a very fast pace. By diversifying its revenue stream, HSC can compete for highest market share in both local and the international market. HSC can compete for higher market share through making continuous innovations in the business, strong relationship with its existing and potential customers and through acquiring competitors. The hiring practices of HSC Company should be smart. In order to compete for market share, Company has to set up a good marketing strategy which make the customers aware of the services provided by the HSC Company.


Differentiators defined that how you differentiate your company with that of the competitors. HSC Company can differentiate itself from the competitors through its research, which is the key driver and differentiators of institutional brokerage, personal client brokerage. HSC Company believed that a strong organizational structure gives HSC the competitive edge against its competitors.


Vehicles defined that where you are going to compete in the industry. The company focuses on the organisational values. The HSC company compete in the under regulated and the emerging markets as they put their highest priority on integrity. HSC also seeking professionalism in order to attract the largest investors and make HSC in the list of top five Security trading companies.

Staging & Pacing

In order to compete with the market share. The new management of HSC Company raised capital by selling shares, hired new talent pool, new sources of revenue identified, a new organisational culture is introduced and also investment in new facilities are taken place. This help the HSC Company to raise its market share from 3% to 4.4% in between 2007 and 2008 and got the seventh place in the security trading industry.

Economic Logic

Economic Logic tells us that how the company will be profitable. The new management made a solid plan of the company’s long term growth and to increase the profitability of the company by selling shares. The HIFU has 30% shares in the HSC Company which constitute a larger ownership part in the HSC Company. The company has to lower its operating profits in order to get the profitability.


On the basis of above diamond strategy model, the recommendations are made in order to increase revenue and market share of the company. Additionally, it would help the company in order to improve its customer base which ultimately improves the profitability of the company. Furthermore, it would help the company to gain the presence in the international market.

As part of this proposed strategy, discuss how your team would address the corporate culture (psychology) and information process (physiology) needs, as well as any potential human capital issues. 

Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is defined as the culture in which the organization encompasses values and behaviour that are attributable to unique social and psychological needs of a business. On the basis of above proposed diamond strategy, the corporate culture can be reinforced by sending and encouraging daily emails, lead everything suggested by example. The managers and supervisors should appreciate employees on their good performances. A target should be given to every employee to complete in the given time period. After its completion, the employees should compensate with bonuses and or employee of the year award. The three most important psychological needs are identified are: Autonomy, relatedness and competence. The employee psychological needs include its job satisfaction as well either he is satisfied with the work he is doing in the company. On the basis of above strategy the team would address the culture by continuously motivating its employee, giving necessary training, identity, control, socialization. Psychological needs help to improve the employee satisfaction, to identify and solve problem and also to improve workplace dynamics. On the basis of above strategy, the company used different information processes to communicate. The company might uses ERP information system. The HSC Company may use the business expert information system, decision support system, transaction processing system. The information systems helps in doing company’s operations like payroll, employee record storage etc. the information system helps to increase efficiency and employee productivity.

The company also faces some of the human capital issues like some employees are resistant to change i.e. they find it difficult when they are faced with such tasks to which they are not familiar. In order to avoid resistance, the company provide proper training to those employees and tell them how to communicate in a corporate culture. Employee’s performances are strictly monitored because performance management is one of the important human capital issue.(Stankiewicz, 2015)


Appendix 1


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