Hindustan Lever (B): The Reality Check Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-2-0123 © 2005
Steger, Ulrich; Amann, Wolfgang; Ionescu-Somers, Aileen

The B-case of the three part series shows how performance lagged behind expectations. Women dropped out of the scheme; sales decreased during the harvest season; and the system risked losing impetus. HLL needed to choose to implement changes to the elaborate system of players and interdependent variables; or whether to await the system to finally take off.

This instance shows how a just initiation; as summarized in the A-case; is not sufficient to generate a sustainable model. Learning; facing reality; and giving the system time to evolve are essential success variables.

Subjects: Rural marketing; Sustainable marketing; Sustainability; Women in business; India
Settings: India; Consumer goods; 50 billion USD in sales; 2001-2005

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