Higher-Education Harvest Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Rebecca Wilson, a recent graduate of the School of Policy, began unexpectedly successful small nonprofit to help urban school then many sources of financial aid for higher education and thus increase their chances of participating in college. As it seeks to expand its operation, it has to go beyond the network of friends and supporters who funded the start-up. Application for Fund support is required to prepare its formal financial statements for the first time. It embeds the basic accounting in the context of clear organization, strengthen students' intuition about the function of the financial statements and sends them through the preparation of a simple, but full of actual and pro forma statements. Excel tables in conjunction with the event offers templates that allow students to build realistic financial statements with very little training and minimal processing routine. HKS Case Number 1595.0 "Hide
by John D. Donahue, 8 pages. Publication Date: April 3, 2000. Prod. #: HKS497-PDF-ENG

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