HEATHCARE AND BELIEFS Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Healthcare and BELIEFS Case Study Solution


With the moving time and incorporation of technology in the medical healthcare system, the standards and parameters of taking care of the patient have increased and raised to the standards of offering physical, mental, social, physiological assistance in making the patient recover from the illness. This requires the doctors and healthcare providers to understand the beliefs and set of values each sect and religion contain and follow in order to treat them accurately. It has been observed that mental illness or stress is more severe implications on patient’s recovery rate as compared to physical. It has also been observed that due to the mental sickness the patient shave more issues in recovering from the diseases. However, though the fact is being supported by the science and psychology under the “Placebo effect”, however there are different sects that have different beliefs of spiritual healing. For example, the Christians believe firmly in the spiritual healing, that seeking guidance from Holy book and the verses, the disease can be cured fully, though many incidents have proved it right however, the results are not complete.

On the other hand, the Jehovah witness,another class of the Christians who believe in one God and not the Jesus as equal to him.Further they believe that there is no evidence of spiritual healingin the Book under the irreligion, and that Jesus was not crucified on the cross. They also believe that any healing done by the spiritual means is the action of Satan to prevent the human leaving his system on earth.Hence there are two contradicting beliefs of the same community. The understanding of such difference is important for the healthcare provided to offer right mental and physical care in helping the patients recover from the illness.

Keywords:  Jehovah witness, Christianity, Healthcare.


The Christians believe that set on healing is a form set supported by the doctrines and the Holy Book.Under the learnings of Christianity, the Christians believe in healing from the God. They believe that Jesus and the God has the power to heal the human with no medication but spiritualty .The belief is supported by the past incidents about the Jesus healing the patients in his era along with the awakening of the dead’s from the grave.The Bible verses also support the stance that commands to ask healing from the God.

On the other hand, the Jehovah witness who believe in only one God, Jehovah. The particular sect believes that the healing cannot be gained through the spiritual treatment and that God has not supported it with any verse. In addition, this sect also believes that in any case the healing is acquired through spiritual mean, it is the Satan that has offered the hailing so to keep the person in his system. Lastly these Jehovah witness also have their own book that has been translated and revised according to the beliefs of the community.


  1. What is Christianity’s spiritual perspective on healing Vs Jehovah Witness?

Christian Spiritual Perspective

Under the Christian perspective of healing, the suffering for illness is not taken as the total form of physical illness, rather it is attributed with the mental and spiritual form .According to the HebrewBible, illness is not a complete form of physical pain, but it is more holistic in terms of maintaining good and composite relation with God in seeking the healing and health.The Christian perspective on the healing states, that the sufferings or illness is the form of God’s distance from the human because of lack of connection with him, hence in order to seek the well being, one must connect to God.Hence the healing is practiced through prayers, petition and supplication to God. In the Holy book, “The Bible” Healing covers the major part of the book,in fact the whole book is concentrated on spiritual healing with diseases like leprosy, brain hemorrhage, and demonic possession.However, there are also five types of themes that overrides the book in terms of healing. These themes are compassion- the love of mankind, faith in God and his makings, third illness is something unnatural to the body and that is associated with something evil, fourth, the illness is the form of repentance and come as the outcome or result of the heavy sin done in the past.Fifth, the strong trust and belief on God in seeking the healing and continuing to hope. (Coates, 2017)........................

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