Harman International and KKR (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

When courting KKR, Harman International feels safe again. After several months of due diligence performed KKR and its financial and legal partners, KKR announced that Harman International has agreed to be acquired by a private equity deal is estimated at $ 8 billion. But by the time the documents relating to Harman International / KKR deals were on the table, in the financial markets, which was traveling at high momentum of previous years and in the first half of 2007, almost overnight, has experienced the cooling period of unprecedented magnitude. Unfortunately, Harman International for the fourth quarter released in August 2007 were disappointing, leading some critical questions: What was the real intrinsic value of Harman International, and which financial results have been most significant in the evaluation of this matter? If KKR performed on the proposed transaction, or pay the required $ 225 million termination fee? Going back in the private interests of Harman International, or if the CEO out of the deal, and his company to pay the termination fee? Followed by (B) case, UV4348. "Hide
by Paul Simcoe, Darren Dickerson Source: Darden School of Business 20 pages. Publication date: April 15, 2010. Prod. #: UV4260-PDF-ENG

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Harman International and KKR (A)

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