Harley-Davidson India Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

What impact is it likely to have on the Harley brand globally?

If Harley-Davidson starts developing bikes in India and specifically for the Indian market, then the brand will be impacted globally, as Harley-Davidson is one of the luxury brands and is also known as a purely American brand. If Harley starts producing motorcycles in India then it will to some extent have a negative impact on the brand globally, as this will somehow send the message to all its global customers that Harley will soon shift its manufacturing from the US to India even in other countries. Moreover, it can also send the image that the Harley Davidson is focusing on lowering its prices that can ultimately lower the standards.

However, it can be avoided if Harley-Davidson is focusing on price skimming rather than price penetration and it is just an addition in its category targeting niche market in India. Moreover, since Harley is already known for the luxurybrand, then the same luxury can be followed in its mid-sized bikes that will send a healthy image of Harley-Davidson all over the world. Similarly, it will also increase the awareness in the youngsters, and they will perceive from the new bike development in India that Harley Davidson is also targeting the youngster’s needs as well. Thus, production in India will have a positive impact on the brand and it will not hurt the global market of Harley Davidson.

What management challenges have to be managed for a successful launch of such a product?

There will be lots of challenges that Harley-Davidson has to manage for successfully launching new bikes in India. One of the major challenges that management will face in launching the new bike is achieving the goals which are associated with the launching of the new bike. The main goal of launching the new bike is to gain the market share of the non-transport segment in India. Therefore, for achieving this goal the management of Harley-Davidson has to carefully plan for figuring out how the people of the organization and its resources can be utilized. This is a challenge for motivating people and removing obstacles in the path of success of the launch.

Another challenge that the management will face is treating the employees with respect and initiative collaborations between the employees of the organization. Praising and rewarding employees is also an essential part of the management.It is a challenge that the management will face for gaining profit from the launch of a new bike. Moreover, properly handling the issues of the employees is also an issue for the management as criticizing the employee in front of other workers can demotivate the employee and hence, have an adverse effect on the performance of the employee. The major challenge that the management of Harley-Davidson will face is helping the employees for aligning properly their personal goals with the work goals. There is a proper way required for finding out what are the personal goals of the employees and what they want to get out of their life and how they pursue their career. These are little but very important things that management has to focus for achieving productivity from the employees.

Providing a perfect work environment that is suitable for the work and employees is also a challenge for the management. Comfortable work environment is necessary for gaining more productivity from the employees. Since Harley-Davidson is a US group therefore, the company can face different challenges of cultural diversity and gaps in coordination between the foreign employees and the local employees. Encouraging the communication and cooperation between employees is the main element that management has to deal with.The management needs to overcome these issues so that launching the new bike is fruitful for the company.

Mostly all the employees do not perform better. The reasons for the ineffectiveness in work are personal reasons. The personal reasons are technically not the problem of the management, but anything that is affecting work is the problem for the management. It is a challenge for the management to take initiatives for solving the problems of employees and guiding them in order to eliminate the ineffectiveness in their work. It is the duty of the management to successfully balance the needs of the organization with the needs of the employees.

There are employees in the organization who are outstanding. Even though it is a positive aspect of the organization, but it still gives birth to different challenges for the management. The challenge for the management will be to provide special treatment to the employees of the organization.....................................

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