Harley-Davidson Inc.–1987 Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

After the LBO and on the verge of bankruptcy in the early 1980s, Harley-Davidson makes a surprising recovery, going public in 1986. Its listing on the New York Stock Exchange in 1987, the occasion provides an investment analyst to publish a report on the study, which must issue buy, sell, or hold recommendation for the stock Harley. It complicates the analysis is the fact that Harley-still faces an energetic Japanese competition and, therefore, has a significant impact on operating the yen / dollar exchange rate. Stimulate discussion about the impact of operating real exchange rate changes. "Hide
on W. Carl Kester, Julia Morley Source: Harvard Business School 17 pages. Publication Date: March 10, 1992. Prod. # 292 082-PDF-ENG

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Harley-Davidson Inc.–1987

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