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T Nexus was incorporated in 2000 and in 2013 became a leader in cloud-established supply-chain management solutions. Initially it started as a dedicated technology platform for shipping industry and major international carriers. The shipping industry witnessed major innovation with the introduction of Global Trade Platform. The Global Trade Platform enabled carriers to manage a far larger customer volume and offered a standardized interface to shippers trying to book freight space with major carriers. Over time, the GTN platform became a non-sector specific supply-chain option, used by a few of the largest MNCs (multi-national corporations).
GT Nexus enlarged its product offering and platform, designing its own software options, including the Trade Solution platform for funding, by partnering with other software businesses, such as MicroStrategy and Flagship Custom Service, or by directly obtaining competitors, in the event of Metaship AG in Europe. After the merger with TradeCard, GT Nexus offered a complete procure-to-pay solution on the cloud, covering every part of supply-chain management.

The company experienced growth that was brisk as a pioneer of cloud computing technology applied to supply chains. GT Nexus had several possible directions to sustain its growth.

PUBLICATION DATE: September 02, 2015 PRODUCT #: HK1065-PDF-ENG

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GT Nexus: Leader in Cloud Computing Supply Chain Management

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