Green to Gold Business Playbook Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

"The Green to Gold Business Playbook" "How to Implement Sustainability Practices from Bottom Line Results In Every Business Function"

“The Green to Gold Business Playbook” is a great piece of work by authors Dan Esty and P.J Simmons and was published on 2011-04-08. This book is an important tool which contributes to a rapid evolving business concept. The book emphasizes on assisting the businesses which are searching ways for embracing sustainability. As sustainability affects the organization at a fundamental level.  “The Green to Gold Business Playbook” emphasized on providing solutions or response to the business needs extracted from different companies on how effectively those needs could be fulfilled.Whereas, it was an appeal to those outside the sustainability suite, people not having an environment and sustainability in their domain.This book assists in bringing the environment and sustainability as a part of business strategy and the procedures to be followed for doing it. It is a source of appeal for the people who really have a desire to know, business function by business function, what are the steps they can take or should take for paying off the sustainability.

For a lot of companies it became clear that there was a need of paying attention to the environment with respect to their businesses. The main issue was that they didn’t have a clue about how they were supposed to do it. Most of the companies had the game plan, but they got stuck when it came to the execution of the plan and desired for the support for making sure that the results were delivered regarding the performance and economy and co-advantage opportunities.

Hence, this book provides them the pathway for implementing their plan. The book guides the way through which corporate leaders can understand the environment or sustainability as an issue.The more number of corporate leaders now recognize that there is an opportunity in addressing environment issues and sustainability, so this book provides them an edge with that.

Many companies go through the overwhelming nature that what things can be done or implemented within the company to bring changes which can be vital for the success of the company. The companies usually get stuck when it comes to bringing changes within the organization. This situation normally happens with the new or startup businesses. So “The Green to Gold Business Playbook” provides assistance in overcoming these problems in a way that it gives guidance and prefers business to business function.

It encouraged businesses to not feel overwhelming in fact, they should take steps to search for the ways through which they can identify the areas of changes and how it can be made.“The Green to Gold Business Playbook” also provides guidance for what to do if you are in the finance department or the marketing department or the building department and facilities department. It helps in overcoming the issues that occur in different strategies and defining ways through which they can be approached.

“The Green to Gold Business Playbook” is a valuable tool which can be used for making a complete corporate sustainability plan. The practical advices are provided in the book for identifying and implementing of the programs for all the departments within an organization and enable to easily find the low hanging opportunities, whereas, they also help in preparing for the harder or tougher ones which can be implemented.

The important areas covered in “The Green to Gold Business Playbook” is the importance for the business sustainability and managing the environmental challenges being faced by the businesses. The author covered the area of how companies can generate lasting value, reducing risks, cutting costs, increasing revenues and building environmental approaches in their business strategies. Many companies like BP, Toyota, IKEA, GE, and Nike are achieving environmental and business success. Most of the cutting-edge companies are going for the “eco-advantage” in the marketplace and considering it as a traditional element for the success. Nowadays, the environment is being affected by many factors such as omission of harmful gases, water and air pollution.

The sustainability has become key importance for businesses these days and will affect competition in the industry and in the marketplace. Sustainability and environment are considered to be major players in the success of the organization......................

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