Granville Symphony Orchestra Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Granville Symphony Orchestra Case Solution 

Introduction and Problem Statement

Granville Symphony Orchestra owned two properties,which are concert hall and other is large complex. GSO used concert hall for both concerts and other functions in order to generate revenue. It is expected that the other large complex exists in Beaumont hills and this complex could be used only in summers due to the weather conditions of that area.
From last five years instead of having fund drive, the company is facing the problem of deficit and fixed cost of the company is increasing continuously.The management of the company is considering certain plans that could help the company with respect to revenue generation and cost control. For this purpose, the management of the company proposed a plan however the management is not sure about this plan that whether this plan will help the company or not in order to achieve organizational and business goals.

Question 1

Strategy of GSO

It is expected that the company is facing the problem of operating deficit from last five years and the primary objective of the firm is to reduce this deficit through certain measures. Currently, the company is financing this deficit through capital funds which the company has in its fund drive and the management is concerned about the fund drive that if this deficit continues then the company’s capital funds could be damaged shortly.
Therefore, the management of the company is considering certain plans that could help the company in order to raise the additional funds so that financial performance of the company could become stable. In addition to this, the management of the company is also considering raising$6 million through resources committee so that fund capital funds could be increased by 2 million each year.

Environmental Constrains of Symphony Orchestras and professional Sport team

It is expected that the location of Greenwood is at hill place where orchestra could be performed only in summers which is considered as the biggest environmental constrain of Granville Symphony Orchestra as compared to the other Symphony Orchestras. In addition to this, there are many other environmental constraints that Symphony orchestras could face such as popularity of orchestras.

It is expected that the popularity of different genre music such pop, jazz, rock and classics is greater than the symphony orchestra which is considered as the environmental constraint of symphony orchestra. Moreover, symphony orchestra is considered as a declining industry as the attendance per concert of the orchestra is continuously declining which resulted in reduction of revenues and increase in the amount of expenses, therefore declining revenues is also a constraint with respect to symphony orchestra.
Moreover,symphony orchestras and other similar performing arts organizations require contributed support and investment income from endowments to equalize the gap among concert revenues and expenses, however the past analysis of the Granville Symphony Orchestra and other symphony orchestras organizations have failed to achieve their financial targets which has created distress among symphony orchestras and resulted in a major constraint with respect to GSO and other symphony orchestras.

It is expected that the economic difficulties faced by symphony orchestras due to the poor popularity and poor financial resulted in the low wage rate for musicians, which also affects the growth of the industry as many musicians are shifting to the other genre of the music which is also considered as the significant constraint with respect to symphony orchestras.

Both orchestras and professional sports need collective support as both have performed in group such as football, cricket and hockey therefore,performing orchestra and professional sports in a group is also an environmental constraint with respect to symphony orchestra and professional sports.

Investment is also a major factor with respect to orchestra and other professional sports as wages of musicians and players are very high,therefore this investment constraint is also similar in both symphony orchestra and professional sports..................

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