GLOBAL WARMING Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Global Warming Case Study Solution

Global Warming: A Global Issue

How does climate influence human society?

Environmental pollution is a global concern as it affects the people’s health and environment as well. Earth is our planet and our home and all the humans in the world and animals as well are affected due to the environmental pollution. So to take care of our home, people across the globe can contribute to the preclusion of environment pollution. In that way, we can help ourselves and our future generation to live safely on this planet.

It is possible to fight with environmental pollution when we know our environment and also the nature of pollution that can affect the environment and our health as well.

Many people in this world are unaware of the effects of the environmental pollution on their daily lives, economically or physically.

With the things that are going on today to prevent the environmental pollution, these are not enough to handle the disastrous effects that world will face in the near future.

Industries have contributed a lot in the environmental pollution, the business owners of those industries are unaware that how pollution is indirectly affecting their daily lives and due to this,we will not be able to give a sustainable environment to our future generation.

GLOBAL WARMING Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The business owners are thinking short term, they are thinking about their profits and they do not know that due to the environmental pollution, they will have to pay the cost twice of the profit they are earning.

Earth pollution does not add any benefits to our lives, unlikely it has contributed a lot in the health related issues.

The World Health Organization predicts that most of the human diseases that mankind is facing today are due to the environmental pollution.

Bad management of the waste is the leading cause of the environmental contamination in any country of the world.

The countries across the globe that are facing the issues relating to environmental pollution lack strict regulations on waste management and they have less facilities to dispose the waste that includes the harmful waste materials.

Analysts suggest regarding to the climate change data that there has been 90 % probability that human activities would lead to carbon dioxide emissions resulting from burning of the fossil fuel that have caused the changes in the atmospheric warming.

The temperature on the Earth is going to increase and that results in the need to take the important steps in decreasing the greenhouse gases.

The followers of the global warming argued that earth is more desirable and sustainable to live when it is less cold and when sunshine is warmer.

They also argued that the greenhouse gases that above we said are bad for the environment but supporters of global warming have opposite view.They said that world is beneficial in getting the energy of the sun to keep the earth warm and make it good in sustaining lives

Global warming has become the cause of harm to the crops due to the lack of carbon dioxide that is positive for the crop generation.

Global warming has exhausted the ozone layer and due to this, now it is not possible for the ozone layer to protect the humans on the planet, animals and plants from the UV rays emitted by the sun.

Moreover, diseases such as sun burns,cancer of skin, and plant damages are the outcome of the UV rays that ozone layer can no longer absorb.

Currently, there are 800 million vehicles that contribute to the greenhouse gases, and as we can see high temperature and glaciers are the main problems due to the greenhouse gases.

Ecologists and environmentalists across the globe are trying to educate and persuade people to fight for the future of this planet.

From the scientific perspective, the global warming is of extreme importance and it requires close examination to modify the current practices and closely monitor the atmospheric content in the future.

Many scientists assumed that there are two types of people on this planet, first, those people who do not understand the contribution of excess carbon dioxide in the shift to the weather patterns and second who are familiar with it but are not willing to make changes.

The global warming refers to the increase in the temperature on the surface of the earth.Some people argue that global warming is a myth and the hot temperature is because of the climate cycle.(National Resources Defense Council, 2017)

One of the science and technology journalists points out that over the last 100 years, the air temperature has increased by less than one degree Celsius and climatologists estimate that even this small change will bring a big impact on the earth. This small change would result in increasing health related problems and it would deplete the ozone layer by a higher percentage.

This small change would affect the lives of animals and plants on the earth and he further argued that though this is very small change but it is worth a lot. (BBC News, 2013).................

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