Global Strategic Management Hard Rock Café Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Global Strategic Management Hard Rock Café


The paper discusses the Global Strategic Management of Hard Rock Café. The paper discusses how the company manages the global operations in different countries especially England and Seoul. The paper discusses the corporate strategy of the Hard Rock Café in the international market. Along with this, the paper explains the corporate strategy for the Hard Rock Cafe, which uses mass market strategy. The paper also discusses the marketing tools used by the Hard rock Cafe, which is almost the same for all parts of the world. In addition, the paper also explains the global marketplace for Hard Rock Café for the England and the Seoul market. The research paper also explains the global dimension of Hard Rock Café, which discusses the multi domestic strategy for Hard Rock Café, where the cafe uses specific certain goods and items, which are customized as per the local market requirements. This has been the unique selling proposition for the corporation where Hard Rock Café has evolved as a competitive company, which operates in more than 53 countries globally and has been operating since 1971. Hard Rock Café is still in the process of growing and expanding itself with the similar business strategy, which has been to focus on segments with multi-domestic strategy. The cafe has targeted people from all age groups and has tried to innovate and introduce something for all age groups. 

Keywords: Corporate Strategy in the International World, Marketing Strategy, Market Brands in the Global Marketplace, global dimensions.

Corporate Strategy in the International World

Corporate strategy is the overall direction and scope of the company and the ways where various business operations work to achieve the common goal. Corporate strategy is an idea where the company decides the strategy and the way that it will operate in the international market. Hard Rock Café has become one of most successful international brands in the world. The key to the success of Hard Rock Café has been the spirit of rock and roll, which has been creating the authentic experiences of rock. The mission statement of the café is also aligned with the willingness to bring in the customers, who are fond of music and love being in an environment of music and beats (Adrian, 2006).

The commitment of the Hard Rock Café and its motto is “Love all, serve all, take time to be kind, all is one, save the planet. The corporate strategy of Hard Rock Café is to develop a differentiated and specific culture of each country and every culture should be according to their cultural beliefs and thoughts. This motto of the company is aiming to change the mind as well as the behavior of people and influence them towards the positive side of everything. Hard Rock Café has in fact created wonderful destination, which has welcomed everyone regardless of age, sex and the social background.

The corporate strategy of Hard Rock Café is to implement a significant corporate strategy in an effective and flexible way. The main focus of the company is to expand itself globally and create an opportunity where the company can achieve growth in sales, assets and take the advantage of being a part of international market (Hill, 2012).

The corporate strategy for Hard Rock Café for all the international markets is almost the same. Hard Rock Café has adopted the strategy of horizontal growth to expand in the international market. Specifically talking about England, Hard Rock Café is present in all parts of the country and is doing a wonderful job in actually attracting customers and expanding further into the international market (Adrian, 2006). However, the corporate strategy to enter Seoul, Korea is also the same, Hard Rock Café is offering franchise system in the city and attracting businessman to invest in the café business. Corporate strategy is something which has to be remaining same for the corporation globally and should not be changed and replaced for specific countries. Hard Rock Café has been entering the market with a lot of success based on its franchise system strategy (Elwood, 1996).

Mass Market

Hard Rock Café is using mass market strategy to appeal to customers from various geographic categories. Hard Rock Café has been keen in making itself present in multicultural cities and parts of the world. Same is the case, while entering Seoul, Hard Rock Café is determined to expand into Korean market and establish itself in this part of the world. Along with this, Hard Rock Café is a multi business organization. It is not only into café industry, but in fact it has expanded itself to enter the Casino business, Hotel industry and a theme park (Kerin, 2012).

The café has looked to transform itself and evolve in the international market through the satisfactory and content customer experiences ..................

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