Global Growth At Irdeto (B): A Dual HQ Strategy Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

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Bouquet, Cyril; Birkinshaw , Julian; DuBrule, Aimée Louise

In March 2007, Graham Eliminate held an all-staff conference at the business's head office (HQ) in The Netherlands - broadcast live to the areas by means of the web - to reveal the facility of a 2nd Irdeto HQ in Beijing, China. This brand-new workplace would construct on the business's existing activities (Asia-Pacific HQ, China sales and assistance, global engineering, marketing and item management) and produce a considerable Irdeto existence in the nation.

The Naspers' senior management completely accepted the move, which it thought would enhance Irdeto's strategy and growth potential customers in Asia and support its goals in China. Some individuals stressed that crucial functions would be moved to Beijing, hence restricting the profession potential customers that had at first attracted them to Irdeto. Knowing goals: Discuss various tactical methods to globalization, how management pioneers can separate a business in distinct and brand-new methods, and how to present essential modifications in a business's sturcture and frame of mind to make sure long term success in the global market.

Subjects: Globalization; Strategy; Change; Management innovation; Corporate headquarters
Settings: The Netherlands; China; Software technology; Content security solutions; CA and DRM technology; 1,000 employees worldwide; 2006-2009

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Global Growth At Irdeto (B): A Dual HQ Strategy

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