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Portugal has been one of the original member states of the Euro zone. The primary economic sectors of the country are tourism and agriculture. The country has faced quite a few recession events, however, with the support of IMF and the European Commission the company has somehow over the monetary issues. In spite of the efforts made by the government, the country is still considered as one of the poorest economies in the Euro zone. However, the country has done ample work in the field of production of molds, food, tissue paper, services and in the field of research also. Moreover, the government has eliminated the hierarchies within the smaller companies to make them bureaucratic. The smaller companies and medium firms have been a great strength for the country and its economy.  Moreover, the country has been quite well established in the fields of ceramic tables, 3d printing of molds, as well as in the production of oldest wineries in the country. Moreover, the country has an impressive research centre Champalimaud Foundation that has been dealing with the netoscience and oncology. These research centers are considered as the major economic factor for countries. My trip has been quite useful, where I found quite a few similarities amongst the Portugal and the Azerbaijan economy and the culture. These details can therefore be applied upon Azerbaijan.


La Redoute has been a mail order company which was set up in the year 1988. The company until 2005 basically accepted and booked orders over the phone, catalogues and the mails. However, in the modern era, the company has a website where it offers all the products such as the smart phones, iPad, laptops sold over the internet. The company is considered as a commercial success and it has been revolutionary in entrepreneurship and fashion.

Along with this, in the last decade or so, the business model has revamped and is changed. Today most of the major retailers such as Zara, La Redoute, and Asos have been emphasizing the use of internet to book orders.

With the advent of internet, customers have changed their perception and attitudes. In the modern era, they tend to purchase online and the competitors are trying to catch up with the demand of the customers. Customers today have become smarter. They quote the prices and purchase goods. Moreover, social media has also been quite successful in informing the consumers about the product features, design, etc. Moreover, all the major electronic fashion companies that their customized WebPages where the customers can come over and share their experience of the specificproduct. Therefore, the above mentioned changes have been able to make these firms become multitasking. They look to meet the demands of the customers through internet only.

La Redoute transformed its business model in the year 2005, where it changed its traditional mail order company into an e-retailer. Since the transformation, La Redoute has increased its market share with the website attracting 50 % of the orders through website of the company. This figure however has crossed a percent of more than 80. The website of the company for all the efforts won the nomination for the best E commerce website for the year 2013. For the past there years this award has been with the company.


In the recent past, the financial market challenges faced by Portugal have been due to the financial crisis of 2008. The country joined the European Union in the year 1986 to become well aligned with the goods market and the financial market. However, the monetary and the financial laws have been imposed on the countries recently. In the year 2014, the European Union established a new banking union which has to be obliged by all the member counties in the EU. The new single supervisor setup has been a Resolution Mechanism which helps in rescuing the countries from the financial crisis.Global Business Seminar Case Solution

In spite of all the efforts, integration in the markets, growth levels, asymmetries, the per capita income, disequilibria still do exist in the European Union.  Efforts have been made by the EU to overcome the gaps and the disequilibria amongst the countries to become a single currency country that is Euro. Nevertheless, the overall level of production and the competitiveness of all the economies have not been equally support the Euro rate. This has resulted in the scenario where countries which cannot afford too much lending have landed up with the excessive loan amounts. Other countries have been lending too much money which has resulted in vulnerable financial risk to both the counters................

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