Giant food and Elensys Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Giant food and Elensys Case Solution


Giant Food inc. is a family business; it is a supermarket founded in 1936 by Cohen and Samuel Lehrman in Washington D.C.  It was the reputable company and known for their community services and superior customer service. In 1998, Giant acquired Royal Ahold NV. In 2003, Giant Food merged with Stop and Stopped supermarket and became the market leader in the Washington metropolitan area.

Elensys Care Service Inc. was the established in 1993 by Dan Rubin and Mike Evanisko in Burlington. Dan Rubin was a management consultant with extensive experience in pharmaceutical industry, the main work of Rubin is to identify the opportunity of retail pharmacies and provide compliance program. The Elensys program focuses on the development and management compliance programs. This program will educate the patient about their medication, address the health care problems, and remind the patients to refill their prescription. The services offered by Elensys to their customers include compliance program strategy and planning, communication design, and performance analysis to manage patient compliance program. Moreover, this program will help the pharmaceutical company to enhance their profit.

Many pharmaceutical companies engaged with the management consultant to achieve more profit. The reason Giant decided to get into a compliance program with Elensys is that it will help to improve the company revenue. Giant choose to work with Elensys because they were the only Independent patient marketing program (DTP) company that was not founded by a major pharmaceutical company, Giant would pay Elensys for their marketing service.

Problem statement:

Elensys has received the personal information of Giant's pharmacy customers, so that company can provide compliance program, which will help to improve company revenue and to attract more customers. This program educates the patients for their medication and helps the customers to reduce the health problems. Elensys uses personal information of the patient, the ethical issues arising from sharing private medical information.  Moreover, it will effect on the customers and revenue of the pharmaceutical company.

Analyzing the facts:

The company can get more profitability if any company has more opportunity to grow the business. The company can grow by providing awareness to their customers through good marketing. The adaptation of other marketing strategies will also add the number of users to the database of the Giant that will help them to make huge revenues from them.  As pharmaceutical industry has a large number of competition and there is no barrier to entry; any company can easily enter in the industry. The profit distributes in the company's present in the market and company get lower profit. Giant has decided to get more profits and wants to become a market leader; therefore, it decided to engage with the managing consultant who helps the company to attract its customers by reducing the health care problems.

Porter's five competitive forces model

Bargaining Power of Suppliers

The pharmaceutical market is the one-third largest industry in the world; in 1984 Waxman-Hatch Act, there is no barrier to entry in the Pharmaceutical industry, which increased the huge competition in the market and increased the slightly high bargaining power of the supplier. This is why most of the companies want to focus on marketing strategies, so that they can differentiate themselves from other companies,while attract most of their customers by providing knowledge of the product and along with that, increase their profit....................

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