Giana Angellopolous-Daskalali and the 2004 Athens Olympic Games Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Giana Angellopolous-Daskalali and the 2004 Athens Olympic Games Case Study Solution


This case revolves around Giana Angelopoulos who was a famous politician that entered the political world in 1986 and won sear from Athens, Greek. She possessed a favorable image, and was appreciated by the people of Greece. She left her political office after marriage but remained active in many civic projects. Her personality attributes are unique and full of talent. Grip on various languages, best understanding of the politics, leadership qualities and wise thoughts made her the best version of a profound leader.

She has a strategical mind set. Greece was interested to win the Olympic bid and she was approached by the prime minister to be a part of the process. She was a responsibility taker, the initiator and wanted to lead the Olympic campaign. She received support as well as publicity from the Greek community. Some criticism was also faced by her but it did not bring her spirit down to bring Olympics to Greek.Her whole journey started from the bidding process planning, organizing and executing that mega event. The hurdles that came across the way she fought and cleared all the impediments with spirit determination and confidence. The success of Olympics had importance in her life, being a woman dealing with such challenging tasks and keeping that magnificent image that she had created being a politician, carrying that level of excellence and benefiting the nation, were some of the real challenges she faced and produced remarkable results.


The challenges faced by Angelopoulos from day one when she was approached by the prime minister to handle the hectic task of organizing that mega Olympic event in their state from the resources that were needed to fulfill the task efficiently to the manpower and mental capabilities to utilize those resources to the best of the possible ways and means through which those resources  could be utilized.She had to deal with the journalists and media channels, advertising and marketing of the huge gaming event and maintaining her credibility which she has built being a politician. Moreover, she was able to successfully execute and organize the tasks in a short period of time time period and more strategically profound approach.

Political issues were the real main challenge that were faced by Giana. Bureaucracies were one of the challenges that Gianna had to deal with perfectionism, and to mitigate its possible adverse effects on Olympic campaign.

Motivational issues were also present, due to which Giana had to motivate and manage the diverse team of individuals.

Security issues were also there, which had to be dealt accurately and perfectly to make the event success.


Angelopoulos had to ensure that there would be no such issues that would be faced by the people during Atlanta games. Traffic issues took their nerves during that Olympic season. She had to get those issues supervised at the best of her leadership qualities. Bidding was organized in the top notch hotels. Her approach was logical and focused to the goal, and with confidence she impressed the IOC members and a group of people to hand over her that task. She was quiet objective to not to impress the globe, but the intended respondents.

Commercialization is necessary for any event to get it successful, however excessive commercialization would create the hype that ruins the main purpose of execution of the event in a very best way. For the sake of maintaining and protecting the ultimate legacy of the most prestigious and largest games event,organizing in the best way and execution of tasks was the foremost challenge that Angelopoulos could face.

Security was the major concern other than managerial and operational issues faced by her. After the terrorist attack on America, the Greek government was very much concerned about the possible terrorist attack activities that might going to happen during the Olympics.

Potential terrorist attacks that Greece would have to deal with are:

Domestic Threats:

They were of the view that some terrorist groups were working for destroying the peace and making the great event unsuccessful.

International threats:

Potential international threats were also under consideration, relative security measures taken to account for the security of the people as well as the completing the event successfully.

Security plans were strictly made to incorporate the domestic as well as the international threats, to deal with every kind of unfavorable happening. They sought international assistance in this regard and aid and protective measures from potential bodies, which was the need of the issue.

Giana Angellopolous-Daskalali and the 2004 Athens Olympic Games Harvard Case Solution & Analysis



Many leadership challenges were her way, but her confidence over Athens’ capabilities of hosting the event was remarkable. She represented herself as a very confident and positive leader that had all the skills and facilities accompanied by the desire to host that event perfectly.

She focused on hiring a team of those professionals who contributed to the success of getting the bid. Professionalism was her take; as she did not want influential people to join in hands, but worthy professionals to make this whole process successful.................


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