General Micro Electronics, Incorporated: Semiconductor Assembly Process Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

General Micro Electronics, Incorporated: Semiconductor Assembly Process Case Solution


General Microelectronics was formed in 1968.The company performed different activities in the designed and supplied of low-power analog, digital analog as well as providing the semiconductors in order to support the applications for different customers. Brianna Regan was the recent process engineer in the company, she had the related experience in General Microelectronics in the past few years. However, the sudden changes in the process of semiconductor assembly made her tensed because of the declining ratio of operations by the installation of the new machinery.

The company purchased new machine for the new production facilities and to increase the efficiency ratio of the production. In January, the machine began to utilize for the assembly process and it was quite successful to provide accurate results but after the few months, the performance was un-utilized due to high cost margins and inaccurate efficiency level of production.

Brianna thought that the results would made severe impact on the overall performance of the company, therefore she began to determine the variables that would hurt the entire process of making the products in the assembly process. She decided to analyze the process through DOE approach, however there are 126 samples collected from the chips and other products for the manufacture. Every sample consisted of eight observations that would generate different results.

From the analysis through DOE, she concluded that power, time, force and temperature would made the impact on the overall performance of the operation. On the other hand, she was still not sure about the changes or recommendations that could increase the efficiency ratio. Therefore, Brianna was confused about the proper decisions and give to the head of department for the implementations. It shows that the company was not successful in the new phase of the machine due to certain inefficiency within a process.

The outcome of SPC diagram

In order to analyze the variations of different variables, the process of standard process control would use to conduct the overall fluctuations within the operations. In this particular case, the sample of 126 is further decreased to 42 (mean of every three sample) because this would allow to judge the overall average performance of the new machine and to make sure that the fluctuations would have an impact in the process of control.

In the average results, they show that there are highly fluctuating results in the process of control because some of the variables were either over or under performed,which reflected the negative sign due to out-range of the particular results. In some cases, many variables are in the control of the line but most of them are not performed in the same direction due to high changing results. Therefore, it shows that the company was not performing well under the new machine just because of the inefficient results came from the operational value.

The portion of diagram under the range value shows that the machine was consistently underperforming over the period due to the lack of efficiency in the process control. Therefore, it has been concluded that the new machine might not generate the positive outcome in order to increase the level of efficiency within a process.

Analysis of process capability

From the analysis of standard process control, the company was further analyzed the results through the capability process in order to mention the expected changes within each sample. Therefore, all the samples are further calculated through the mean to analyze the average value of each sample. From this case, there was no upper limit range due to under-utilized results therefore the calculation of capability will be generated through the double mean process, which is the average mean value of all the means of each sample.................

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