Corning Inc.: Technology Strategy in 2003 Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Corning, Inc is a 150-year history of building a strategy around innovation. Founded as a manufacturer of glass in 1851, the company has quickly established itself as a manufacturer of special glass and for the next 100 years was mastered light bulbs, television, kitchen utensils, silicone, medical products, and finally, the optical fiber. In the telecom sector boom in the late 1990s, the optical fiber business boom with him, and Corning shares have reached record highs. The company was more than $ 9 billion of acquisitions in the fiber and photonics (the purchase of more than $ 6 billion of goodwill in the process) before the crash hit. Corning shares fell, and in 2002 the company was faced with serious problems of exploitation. Intended for use as the opening case in a course on technology strategy. Essays on the history of innovation in Corning, underlining the company's history "patient money" and long-term commitment to technology. A summary of the recent history of the company, and then the task that faces the technical director of the company, trying to justify the cost of research and development. "Hide
by Rebecca Henderson Source: Harvard Business School 14 pages. Publication Date: November 13, 2002. Prod. #: 703440-PDF-ENG

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Corning Inc.: Technology Strategy in 2003

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