Gainesville Regional Utilities Feed-in Tariff Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Inspired by the experience in Germany and Spain, Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU), developed a pilot feed-in tariffs to encourage investment in solar PV systems. This case examines the factors to make public the decision of preferential tariffs, as well as the factors that influenced the design of tariffs and speed. After the introduction of the GRU found her design created some perverse incentives that led to some unexpected results. GRU actions taken in response to these results are discussed in the epilogue. The case can be taught, or as a case of energy policy or the economy as a standard case. Regulation and management issues such as asymmetry of information between the company and the industry of renewable investigated. Case number 1963.0. "Hide
by Henry Lee, Leah Stokes Source: Harvard Kennedy School 25 pages. Publication Date: Aug 01, 2012. Prod. #: Hks703-PDF-ENG

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Gainesville Regional Utilities Feed-in Tariff

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