From Banker to Baker: Enjoy Life Foods Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Starting to enjoy life Foods with a classmate at school Kellogg in a written business plan for a class, Scott Mandell grew with the business plan, Mundell was ready for the next step, the traffic on the national scene with Whole Foods. He appreciated the promotion of the product will cost several thousand dollars more than the income of the first year. If sales do not justify his plan, his loss will increase. If sales forecasts were made, the company will achieve profitability in the period Mundell promised investors. During a meeting with a representative of Foods, Mandell said about the uniqueness of hypoallergenic snacks and presented the company's ability to increase sales. When he finished, his sales pitch, complete Foods representative said that he liked the product, but there was no room for it on the shelves. Mundell was put in place, and you need to think fast. He may not get another chance to convince the representative Foods to make room for enjoyment of life Foods. He only had a few seconds to think about the answer before the representative walked out the door to another meeting. What can be said Mundell, a representative to see the value in taking a chance on Enjoy Life Foods? What creative solutions "shelf" dilemma he has to offer? "Hide
by Cheryl Mayberry-McKissack, Ava Greenwell, Tracey Robinson-English Source: Kellogg School Management 25 pages. Publication Date: December 31, 2008. Prod. #: KEL391-PDF-ENG

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From Banker to Baker: Enjoy Life Foods

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