FormPrint Ortho500 Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

A new 3D printing system, the Ortho500, upcoming launching raised various threats for FormPrint’s Medical Products business unit. This new printer could print custom exoskeletal orthopedic splints, braces, and casts right according to the body of each patient. The Senior Vice President of the unit examines these threats to figure out a course of actions. This potential business with a long-term goal of expanding internationally not only succeeded in its current market, but also expanded to high-volume outpatient offices in the U.S. This printer explored the opportunities of a new market for FormPrint’s Orthopedic business unit, but needed an effective strategy for its sales and marketing.

The management has to decide a sales team for the product that whether to use an independent sales force or to use current orthopedic sales representatives. It also needs an effective marketing-sales coordination in a rapidly changing healthcare industry, along with the other challenges, including the role played by Ortho500 in the company’s international marketing strategy. The Ortho500 could suffer from layoffs or would reduce its bonus compensation, if it does not meet its sales target. The primary focus of the case is on a core marketing decision- direct vs. indirect channels of distribution- and describes numerous challenges in the formation and implementation of strategy. This course can help the students of electives from marketing strategy, new product development, B2B marketing, or marketing organization.

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