Foreign Direct Investment and Irelands Tiger Economy (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Describes the transformation of Ireland from one of Europe's poorest countries to one of its richest only 10 years, earning it the title Celtic Tiger. Fascinating story of growth and recovery is due, for the most part, foreign direct investment (FDI), particularly from the United States. The Government of Ireland is constantly nurtured investment climate through his hands and encourage investment, Ireland Development Authority (IDA), persistently sought investment projects. Despite the apparent miracle, some issues-oriented FDI policies and special incentives given. Their skepticism is due in large part to the fact that the indigenous industry of Ireland remained on the periphery of this transformation with limited contacts with foreign sector. Offers the opportunity to explore debates about FDI. FDI has been a key ingredient of success in Ireland? What is needed for the country to attract FDI? In public institutions, in particular, IDA, play an important role in the Irish success story? In addition, analysis of other reasons - growth., Namely the entry of Ireland in the European Union and the subsequent increased access to markets, as well as sound macroeconomic policies "Hide
by Laura Alfaro, Stephen McIntyre, Vinati Dev Source: Harvard Business School 29 pages. Publication Date: July 26, 2005. Prod. #: 706007-PDF-ENG

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Foreign Direct Investment and Irelands Tiger Economy (A)

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