Finland and Nokia Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Problem Statement

Finland, a country that has been quite sleepy in its approach for centuries managed to become one of the fastest growing and competitive economies by the end of year 2001. The country’s main focus shifted from investment-driven to innovation thathelps the economy grow rapidly and the country managed to take the top spot in the global competitiveness report from America.

The dynamic telecommunications cluster played a vital role in shaping the country’s economy and especially the role played by Nokia that outraged everyone in the telecom sector. However, with the emergence of players like Blackberry and iPhoneand increase in competitiveness in the sector placed challenges not just for Nokia but for Finland as well. The question arises, how effectively the country and the company can manage to overcome these issues to sustain their success.


Nokia started operating as a pulp mill in the early 1865 and has been quite significant for the economy of Finland since its inception. Theemergence of the modern Nokia Corporation happened in the late 1967 by merging with a telecommunications cable corporation. Besides that the Finish Rubber Works and merging with different electronic business laid the foundation for the current shape of Nokia. The creation of Nordic Mobile Telephone in the country emerged in the early 1980’s that enlightened the consumers' top several innovative aspects of the technology. Oneof the most significant innovations is the rooming technology, which has been pioneered by NMT that allowe3d consumers to use the communication channels across borders.

This strategy or the formation of NMT allowed the region to pioneer the mobile market and brought significant importance for the Nordic region. With the emergence of this technology and Nordic region being the pioneer the standards were raised and provided an opportunity to capture global markets. Nokia utilized this opportunity effectively and eventually established itself as the largest company of consumer electronics in the region leveraging its strengths and mergers and acquisitions. The company has not restricted itself and occupied different global markets through expansion.

The emergence and growth of Nokia helped the Finish economy splendidly and Nokia became the largest company in the country and significant contributor to the GDP. The telecom sector is the largest sector of the country and Nokia is amongst the top three internationally in the industry. The telecom sector contributes significantly and adds value up to 21% of the country while Nokia is growing rapidly with presence in more than 10 countries. The company has also established research and development facilities in around 15 countries and sale in more than 130 countries globally.


SWOT Analysis

It is empirical to analyze the key strengths and weaknesses of the company along with its opportunities and threats. This portion will help in analyzing the situation the company is facing currently and will make the route easier to derive solutions for the issues that are apparent for the company.


The key strengths that contributed significantly to the growth of the company include its label of being the pioneer of the industry. Nokia emerged as one of the pioneers in the region and has open up a new segment or industry to create new opportunities. The strength of the company includes its innovative outlook and the constant and effective use of innovation.

The company has attained the position of the market leader, leveraging its innovative presence and has constantly offered new and innovative products to its customers. Besides that the product line of the company is also a significant strength as it allowed the company to become a globally recognized brand.

In the digital phone segment the company constantly offered a wide range of products that has helped the company become the largest player in the market with a market share of around 31% in the year 2000. The company has emerged on the global scale through effective and strong communication channels.

Adding more to the strengths of the company is its brand name and brand equity that is well established and has created a strong presence in the consideration set of the consumers. Despite having a Nordic origin the company is recognized as a global brand and is present in almost 130 countries.

On the other hand research and development has been a key factor in strengthening the presence of Nokia as it allowed the company to evolve with the passage of time and practice constant innovation. All these strengths have helped the company impressively to take hold of the industry and set the trends for the future for decades...........................................

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