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Alternative Data Sources

To understand customer satisfaction of Finale, the two alternative data sources for the restaurant can be the SurveyMonkey and the observational research. SurveyMonkey will help Finale to find the feedback from each customer individually. This method can help the company in identifying the weak areas of the restaurant. The observational method can help Finale in understanding customers by observing their behavior at the restaurant.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Data sources


The advantage of SurveyMonkey is that it is a low cost method of observing customer satisfaction. It is also convenient for respondents. Customers can reply to the surveys with convenience and can do it later. This system takes less time for the customer survey and has been considered as one of the most commonly used method of analyzing customer satisfaction.

The disadvantage of SurveyMonkey is that some people may not be able give their feedback because of limited access to internet. Along with this, it is harder to draw samples that are based on emails and websites. Although, it helps in maintaining fields to attain customer response but it also creates a chaos for customers (Fornell, 2010).

Observational Data source

The major strength of the observational method, which Finale can use to survey the customer satisfaction at it’s restaurants is that this method basically helps in attaining accurate customer insights. Along with this, observational method forms a basis of scientific enquiry. Observational method is considered as the primary mode of acquiring customer knowledge. With the help of observational method, an investigator can develop hypothesis, which can be further tested through experimental methods.

The main weakness with observational method is that it has little or no control over the overall situation that an investigator is looking to observe. Under this method, too many extraneous factors are involved; which hinders to determine the actual behavior of the researcher. Observational method also makes it difficult to establish cause and affect relationship to understand the behavior of customers (Leung, 2001).

Recommended Alternative

The recommended alternative for the customer satisfaction at Finale restaurant is to go for SurveyMonkey. This system will help Finale to get the best possible response from customers, which will help the restaurant to understand them in a better way.

Question 02: What recommendations would you have for Finale based upon the results given?

Finale should not only rely on SOTS alone, in fact they should hire outside analysts to understand customer preference and interpret data accordingly. Finale should offer new deserts in their menu and offer discounts to attract more customers. It should avoid self selection decisions and should look to find the reason for less people coming to the two branches of Finale that are in Boston and Brookline. The restaurant should also look to conduct surveys through the social media as this form of technology can be quite effective means to attract customers and target the right audience. The Finale restaurant should also need to strengthen relationship with customers at another branch, which is in Cambridge ................................

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