Final Statistics Assignment Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Final Statistics Assignment Case Study Solution


The purpose of this paper is to perform econometric and statistical analysis on the student campus life. In this paper, we attempt to determine the impact of the range of different variables on the first year student’s performance on their academics. A range of different factors have been used which include the academic factors, non-academic factors, psychological factors etc. Determinants of the performance of the students in academics have received huge attention within the literature of the education and today also it is one of the challenges in the education literature.

The academic performance of the students has been found to be determined by a range of different factors such as background of the students, their previous experiences and their demographic information. Most of the studies have investigated the impact of different factors under these categories which have included grade point average, gender, course prerequisites, academic background etc.Different approaches have been adopted by each of the various studies and different empirical regularities have emerged as a result of these different approaches(Graunke, 2005). For instance, studies have found that there is a strong relationship between the gender of the students and their performance at their university and it has been found that the performance of the male students is poor as compared to the performance of the female students.

Other outcomes found in the other studies that influence the outcome of the academic performance is the field of the study and the attendance at the university. Therefore, a range of different factors could be used to evaluate and determine the determinants of the academic performance of the students during their first year at campus. We have used a number of different variables such as age, gender, race, lifestyle, family background and other factors for determining the impact on the academic performance of the first year students(Tai, 2005). We have employed statistical analysis and econometric analysis to meet the objectives of this study. The research question that we would be addressing in this study is as follows:

Research Question:What are the determinants of the average score of the first year students in the campus?

Section II: The Conceptual Framework

There are a number of practical studies that have been conducted so far within the education literature to determine the impact on the academic performance of the first year students. The results of all of these studies have always been different as a result of the different factors that had been incorporated in these different studies(Graunke, 2005). For instance, a research study conducted by Dancer had found that the female scores were higher than the male scores in the university exam. Another study determined the performance of the students based on the age, nationality, score of high school and the gender of the students and the results of the study had revealed that the female students performed better as compared to the male students(Tai, 2005).

Further analysis in this study also found that the married students also performed better academically as compared to the non-married students. Other studies had showed that the younger students tend to perform better on the academics as compared to the older students while other studies showed opposite results. Dickson for example, found and concluded in his research study that the performance at campus or the academic performance of the student is not based on their age(Freeman, 2007). Some research studies showed that academic performance of the students born in overseas countries was better as compared to the academic performance of the students that were born in their own country while other studies showed the opposite results.

Therefore, as we can see from the results of all of these studies that different results have been generated and this is all because of the different methodologies used by the different researchers. Most of the previous research studies also had categorical variables and thus they cannot be considered as appropriate. Most of the studies focus only on a single institute therefore, the findings from such studies cannot be generalized and the birthplace and age variables used in these studies could reflect the institution specific factors(Klomegah, 2007).

Later research conducted by Soto based on the logistic regression showed that the GPA and the perfect student attendance were the most significant factors that influenced the passing of the course by the students. Another study concluded that proper guidance, learning facilities, communication tend to have a positive impact on the first year student academic performance and the family stress has a negative impact on the performance of the first year students(Graunke, 2005). Studies also revealed other findings such as the problems faced by the students and all the personal problems are caused as result of the environment of the university and even the female students have to encounter these problems(Tague, 2008)...................

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