Fiat and Chrysler: Gaining on Global Automakers? Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case examines the formation of an alliance between Chrysler and Fiat during the peak of the fiscal crisis as mechanism to protect Chrysler from bankruptcy. The case discusses the early period issues with which the associates have to deal, tracks the events leading up to the coalition, addresses some of the governance problems, and analyzes the past merger between Daimler and Chrysler that ended in a failure.

The case presents a normative method of alliance management and conjectures about the accomplishment of the Fiat-Chrysler coalition. We address whether there is a strong enough justification for the alliance and whether Chrysler is the right partner and whether the two partners are well-matched. Ultimately, the case discovers the cautions that might derail the alliance and the lessons learned.


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Fiat and Chrysler: Gaining on Global Automakers?

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