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Extricity provides software that automates calls and information flows between the cooperating companies. Its products interface with legacy information systems already used by customers, to extract information from them, and transmit this information via the internet to trade partners. Products Extricity make a distinction between the social processes that are defined and made available to all cooperating partners, and private processes, which are determined by each partner individually, and whose data and rules that are not visible to others. This case is described and its Extricity and stressed business decisions facing the company as it prepares to enter the market to provide software for electronic markets. If this software includes all the rich functionality of other programs Extricity, or should that be easier? Extricity developed a new and potentially powerful tool. However, the company must decide whether to position their new proposals eMarketplace as a relatively complex tool requiring preliminary time and investment to learn and use, or just the ones that can be deployed quickly. In making that decision requires an understanding of customer perceptions, as well as their needs and industry competitive dynamics. "Hide
by Andrew McAfee, Gregory border Source: Harvard Business School 17 pages. Publication Date: February 23, 2001. Prod. #: 601113-PDF-ENG

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