Equal Opportunities Schools: Finding the Missing Students Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Equal Opportunities Schools: Finding the Missing Students Case Solution

Throughout his 2nd year as a high school instructor in South Carolina, Reid Saaris saw that an extremely academically capable trainee was misreaded for sophisticated classes. The trainee was African American and Saaris observed that the majority of African-American students at the school were registered in lower-level courses. As Saaris strolled down the corridor, he could see "cheek by jowl a 12th grade English class playing an all-class video game of hangman and half of the kids asleep with their instructor stating, 'Who wishes to think the next letter?' And beyond, kids discussing and going over intriguing literature and concepts about citizenship." He and the trainee visited the school workplace where Saaris changed the hopeful boy into advanced-level courses.

Students are asked to propose a development method, think about whether EOS ought to customize its financing design, and articulate the messages and moves toward it ought to use to acquire the attention of school districts.

Knowing Objective

To think about tactical concerns and difficulties distinct to a non-profit company. To evaluate EOS and the design and operations of school districts to earn suggestions about the EOS outreach procedure, moneying design, and other essential concerns.

The list below year, Saaris was promoted to running the school's innovative programs. Motivated, he led an effort to "discover all the missing students" from the Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) programs, conference with every 10th grader at the school. The effort had a sensational effect. Within one year, the school's AP and IB programs had actually doubled in size, with the variety of African-American students in innovative classes tripling. Together, the success rate for all students on the AP and IB tests increased by 20 percent.

This case states the subsequent course that Saaris complied with to take his efforts to a nationwide level. He developed Equal Opportunity Schools (EOS) with the objective of closing the gain access to space to sophisticated courses for minority and low-income students. The case information the company's outreach and application procedure along with the successes that EOS accomplished and the difficulties that it dealt with. It culminates with the statement of the Top Higher Initiative for which EOS would considerably enhance the variety of schools with which it partnered over the next 3 years.

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Equal Opportunities Schools: Finding the Missing Students

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