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The Global Reporting Initiative GRI was working as a renowned brand in the field of organizational sustainability. GRI examines organizational sustainability on the basis of four key elements which clearly represents the company’s external and internal health. These indicators include economic, environmental, social and corporate governance related actives. GRI’s basic purpose is to ensure that all companies are following corporate social responsibility standards practiced and approved through world’s popular organizations. These organizations include GRI, which is working in that area to promote a healthy atmosphere, environmentally, socially as well as economically.

Comparison between Unilever and P&G with respect to Corporate Social Responsibility

GRI assumes that corporate social responsibility has the same purpose as of sustainability reporting system possess. In fact GRI uses these terms interchangeably for its operations regarding the examination of organizational activities.

Unilever is extremely focused towards its corporate social responsibility for which it follows a broad structure consist of guidelines which provide a complete set of elements covering the economic, environmental and ethical impacts of a company's performance. Unilever adopt this format to follow global reporting initiative’s sustainability reporting standards.

Unilever contributes towards the society by enhancing its well-being through various kinds of health care campaigns. This includes its healthy soap campaign life-boy which has contributed well in the development of hygiene behavior in the society where people mostly do not encourage these habits. Generating hygiene behavior in the people who used to ignore these activities and gave less importance to these factor revealed that Unilever is highly concern about its social responsibilities.

Another step of Unilever towards the betterment of society is through its washing material.  By introducing Surf and skip in the developing countries, it is providing them a hygienic and highly economical cleaning detergent. This washing power is working in areas with low electricity and water supply is a major issue. However Unilever is making improvement regarding environmental loss, by reducing its (CO2) emission cost up to 33%, however the total manufacturing wastage has reduced to 67% (Manuel Hensmans, 2013).

Unilever contributes towards the economy by providing employment opportunities in the developing countries. Its Shakti program runs in India through which they provide jobs for the unskilled women in rural areas. This campaign helped people to get trained regarding set of skills that make them able to earn for their families.

The multinational Proctor and gamble is motivated towards its corporate social responsibility for which they exclusively claim to be responsible. They are creating a healthy life for the people living on earth through their ominous research and development activities in healthy products (Dyer, 2004).

P&G is contributing towards the society by providing competitive salary packages to its employees and workers, which in turn will generate healthy and fresh minds.

P&G is highly concerned about the effect of its manufacturing product’s over the environment and society. P&G follows all the requirements and standards regarding conservation laws and regulations (Dyer, 2004).

However, regarding the environment P&G is running three big campaigns that works on the preservation of environmental resources, generating renewable energy and finding ways to eliminate waste from earth. To preserve the environment the company is working on the reduction of the release of carbon gas by up to 20%.

The P&G’s goal is to assess the waste reduction experimental prospects that are highly found in both developed and developing countries. The company also highlights its current experiment in order to reduce wastage. Procter and gamble are also planning to perform continuous research and development campaign in developing countries. Through this research, the company will explore more ways to reduce wastage. In this P&G will also work jointly with other stakeholders for the exchange of ideas and technology in order to eliminate waste products.

For cost saving and reducing fuel wastage P&G has also established Renewable Materials goal with which the company would be able to save its cost of fuel, as well as renewed all leftover material into a product form. Although this research would take a lot of effort and time allocation in the developing countries. In which the company would mainly concentrate over a significant research of refurbishment of resources. P&G does this in order to make sure that the renewed products are extremely safe for the society..........................

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