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ENSR International

1)    What are the pros & cons of organizing around geographies? Service lines? Industries? Clients?

The company ENSR is a multinational company with having its offices all around the world. As the clients of the company have dispersed geographically therefore; there is a high need for the company to expand more in geographical terms. Organizing around geographies would help the company to have different and vast exposure with respect to the clients however; it will also require company resources that include the money and time of the consultant. This is a major reason why ENSR always tries to make their business around geographies. Furthermore, organizing around service lines would help the company in efficiently utilizing the company’s resources with respect to desired level of expertise. Moreover, organizing around industries and clients will be helpful in securing clients more efficiently but with a greater level of expense. Moreover, the key accounts program will also help the company in securing relationships with potential and existing customers of ENSR.

2)     How could the BDO solution look like in detail? Who would do what? How would the new organization chart look like? Which problems would be solved, which not?

Business Development officers are the ones who are engaged in developing relationships with current and potential clients of the company. The business development officer solution was initially implemented in the 90s era as a part of company’s long-term strategy to boost the growth. As of now, the company needs to have at least 20 to 25 business development officers who would then help ENSR to grow their business. The business development officers will not be like the consultants in ENRS who were paid a salary despite the fact that they are working or not. The primary job of business development officers would be based on selling. The will help the company in terms of bringing more businesses for the company. In addition to this, these BDOs will not be involved in any consultancy service nor in preparing bids. For them, the company needs to develop a compensation plan that may help and motivate them to get the most from them. However, many employees believed that there were reasons in abandoning the BDO program previously because it failed to bring credibility.

The implementation of BDO program will help the company to bring back its focus more on business. The company has experience in it as it has been implemented before. Furthermore, it will also help the company in limiting the downside risks. On the contrary, it will lead to a weak relationship as the main focus of the company will shift solely towards shifting. Also, the company had a bad experience previously in it and thus, the option is considered less credible. The company should implement the role of client service developers for each of the service lines that ENSR works in. Moreover, client relationship developers will help the company to grow their relationships with current clients and identify the potential ones by working along with consultants. It will help the company in boosting sales however; relationship with clients might confront with credibility issues.

3)    How could the compensation solution look like in detail? Who would be rewarded for what? Which problems would be solved, which not?

A traditional employee in ENSR employee was motivated through giving them work that is challenging and brought a sense of societal contribution along with some monetary compensation. A senior vice president at ENSR Bob Kelleher believes that the primary goal of the company is to make ENSR a company that will be the first choice of employers in terms of targeted employees. The senior vice president also believes that the company is putting too much emphasis on particular objective things like leads, billable hours, and sales. The consultants of the company have done many things, but its reflection on compensation was minimal. Kelleher believed that the company should add more subjective evaluations into the incentive plans. Through this, the seller-doers will be more willing to take some risk because they know that the company will appreciate them through rewards and incentives. Initially, the CSC managers at ENSR were paid a salary along with bonuses that were a percentage of their compensation.....................

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