Electrolux AB: Managing Innovation Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Electrolux AB, the world’s second largest home appliances company, restructured its global organization. The company formed “Innovation Triangle”, through consolidating the marketing, R&D, and design functions at the top. In a highly competitive industry, the company wants to incorporate a strong innovative culture to differentiate.
Before. implementing this change globally, it has been tested in Electrolux Brazil for four years. The only objective behind this broaden version of Innovation Triangle: to help the enterprise of innovation by leveraging cross-business, cross-functional, and cross-geographical synergies. Eventually, it will also foster the organization to launch new products faster, better and in greater number. The implementation of new organizational structure would help the company’s innovation team to review ongoing innovation initiatives. Along with this a team of four members tackles the issues exist in improving the innovative culture.

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Electrolux AB: Managing Innovation

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