Effectively Supporting Growth Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Effectively Supporting Growth Case Solution

The companies that have a sales growth rate of at least 20%per year for four successive year– are known as for attracting significant interest from both the private and public sectors. These businesses can provide high returns for investors and become money-making clients of banks and consultants, while authorities tend to focus on their value as those who provide jobs. Therefore, the question arises as to how should we effectively back up such rapidly growing companies? In search of solutions, the authors examined three main groups or 'communities of practice' that are knowledgeable about - and have a vested interest in the success of - rapid growth firms: external resource providers including venture capitalists, bankers and advisers, whose beliefs can impact both rapid growth firm owners and policy makers seeking guidance; government policy makers, whose beliefs determine the plans, policies, and allocation of public resources (if any) targeted towards rapid growth firms; and creators of rapid growth businesses, whose beliefs about growth have direct consequences for the ways they manage their companies.

In the end they find that owners of rapid-growth firms in many cases are skeptical of aid and that another can help by developing a network-based approach to policy initiatives.


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