Ecommerce Website Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Brief Description
Ecommerce is a very growing business and operate this business, we have developed a websitewhich consists of a huge variety of clothing product line such as Men, Women and Children. The primary focus of the website O’baju is to offer all western clothing of women like party wears and tops, as it is the most prominent and major item. Moreover, it also includes Men’s fashion clothing and it also facilitates with the variety of Kids apparel.
The website design and user interface offers high accessibility and pleasant experience during online shopping via O’baju. Moreover, the exit process after completion of purchases is designed in such a way that eliminates resistance chances so that customer churn rate is decreased to its minimal level.
To make this process and experience more convenient for the customers, JavaScript and codes have been embedded so that it becomes easier for them to shuffle and upload the photos conveniently within a short span of time, huge chunk of data can be uploaded which contains variety of product lines.

MongoDB Data Base:
This is an open source data base system which is non sequential. It does not contain rows andcolumns. Rather uses data model that is document oriented. It is also known as Semi structures data base which is used for retrieving, managing and storing the data information.O’baju data base consistsof the product model, its type, selling price and discounted price with its description and ctid.
Ecommerce Website Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Productname: “Rose top black”
Producttype: “Clothing”
OriginalPrice: 1250
Productprice: 1000
Description: “test test test”
Productid: “Product31111”

Website Design
Easy accessibility:

O’baju facilitates with many views to the customer. The top selling and most viewed items with its discounted sales price have been shown to the front page. Moreover, the items that a customer need to shop can be viewed at the top bar under its main three categories to save customers time and provide them ease of shopping. In addition, the price range bar is provided for price-conscious customer’s ease and to show them relevant items within their range. All these facilitiesare provided on the front home page, so that customers do not have to surf all over the website.
Interactive Display:
The O’baju website has the interactive User Interface and website designing, which allows the customer to experience 360 view of the product.The home page also has a moving image resolution that would grasp attention of the customers. Moreover, the 360 view satisfies the customer about the item they are going to purchase, which provides the customers a pleasant shopping experience.

Wish list
O’baju also contains a wish list of every individual customer through its profile. The wish list contains all the items that a customer intends to buy later. So that, customer do not have to surf all over the website to search for a things that he wanted to. This facility helps the customer to reach its wish items easily, then to add it into cart and make a purchase...............

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