Dow Chemical: Innovating for Sustainability Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Dow Chemical is among the few major American industrial corporations which was set up in the late 19th century that's still in existence. During the 1960s and 1970s the firm received a string of external shocks for a number of its own actions in the kind of negative public opinion. These challenged the business's understanding as being a "great business" and made it understand it wanted to more proactively seek external views on the way in which the business was seen and what it should do. With significant input from the SEAC, the business establish two challenging sets of ten-year targets: 1996-2005 and 2006-2015 and was mostly successful in meeting them or in route to doing so.

Should they be step-by-step goals such as challenging reach objectives such as the ones for 2015 or the ones for 2005? Or should they be comprehensive statements of principles that support innovating through the organization for sustainability? A further challenge confronting the business that it was fast globalizing with a sizable part of its own work force outside its Midland, Michigan headquarters, which makes it even harder to maintain a common culture as well as dedication to sustainability.

PUBLICATION DATE: January 25, 2012 PRODUCT #: 112064-HCB-ENG

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Dow Chemical: Innovating for Sustainability

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