How Technology Facilitated a New Funding Model Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Charles Best was a teacher of the Social studies subject at Bronx, NewYork. Charles Best hired an overseas web designer in the year 2000 to develop an introductory web site that he had developed on a piece of paper using pencil and paper. Charles was willing to pay him $2000 for the job. The basic purpose behind building the site was to collect funds for different projects, funding books and paints to field trips. One other purpose was to serve as an educational software.

As time passed the website became famous and increasing number of teachers visited the website. Students also used the website as a reference for look for study resources. Donors contributed significant amount of funds for different projects. The organization provided large amount of data, educational funds needed. “This was clearly one of the breed of startups that is scratching a personal itch," described Charles Best. The solutions also grew as time passed. Charles Best did not want to change or amend the educational policy. He was in need of funds to finance classroom material such as trip to museum. He made efforts to develop communication channels between donors and teachers who needed resources. This idea gained significance beyond his expectations.


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