Domino’s Pizza Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Domino’s Pizza Case Solution


Domino’s Pizza Inc. is the second most popular pizza restaurant in the world after Pizza Hut. It was established in 1960 by the Tom and James brothers with the name of DomiNicks which was later renamed to Dominos by Tom in 1965. The firm had around 200 stores in 1978 and was the dominant pizza station in the world. today they have more than 13,800 stores located globally and operating in almost every part of the world.they have four business segments namely domestic company-owned stores, domestic franchises, domestic supply chain, and international. These strategies highlight the success factor of Dominos and help to design future strategies and embark upon the pathof success. After the rise of rivalries like Pizza Hut and LittleCaesers, the revenue started falling which was later countered by the changes in strategies like a change of ingredients in sauces, pizza crust, etc., diversifying the menu, quick delivery services, and many more. This led to an increase in the revenue base and topped Pizza restaurants all around the world. they are however currently inthe second position to Pizza Hut but need to improve and acquire sustainability.(Rattaya, 2021)

Problem Statement

Dominos is rankedinthe second position in the pizza restaurant and need to work out strategic scenarios to achieve the top position and maintain sustainability in the marketplace. The lost-out demand needs to be accomplished again to gain the top position again among tough rivalries. There is an in-depth need for the analysis of the current situation and to overcome the hurdles to lead to the path of success.(Rattaya, 2021)

Current Scenario

Domino’s Pizza Inc. is a renowned Pizza company located all around the world. It is ranked second in the list of Pizza companies lagged by Pizza Hut. It has around 14,800 stores located all around the world with around 2.5 million pizzas sold daily worldwide. The business model of Dominos involves handcrafting pizzas and serving the best quality at reasonable prices. The company has a strong R&D department that focuses on the current market practices and developing new technologies to gain significant market.The company is mainly lagging in marketing strategies which is half of that of Pizza Hut. (Zaby, 2021)

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Strategic Scenarios

The major strategic scenarios that could be game changers for the firm in the future involve innovation, supply chain, an extension of the product line, and marketing strategies.These strategies if worked out carefully could aid the firm in overcoming the current hurdles and makingits way to the leader of pizza restaurants.


The company can heed the strong R&D department for innovation purposes. The world is heading toward drone-based delivery systems which is an innovative step in the delivery system. Dominos had gained the market through an efficient delivery system, delivering in 30 minutes or else there's a free Pizza. If the drone-based delivery system is adopted by the firmit will lead to immense success and a leading market legacy.Keeping up with the pace is a prerequisite forachieving the market and gaining a brand legacy.The future isheading towards innovative technological advancements and so to adopt frequent change is a foremost demand.

Supply chain

The improvement and management of the supply chain is a basic requirement of the firm in the future. The number of stores is increasing day by day and thus there is an increased demand to manage and to contract with efficient suppliers.According to Domino’s, there is a tiring need to fully manage the supply chain mainly due to the risingrequirement to manage routes of the supply chain that have been marked as top contributors to elevations in the operational costs in business executions, especially in the United States.

Diversification of the Product Line

As seen in the strategies adopted by rivalries like Pizza Hut, the menu is very diverse and has led to the firm being on the top so Domino’s needs to adopt a similar strategy in diversifying their product line to increase sales and generate profitable revenue.(Shahzad, 2021)They have added on P Zone and 10 minutes pizza offers which have led to an increase in customer base. Similarly, Dominos should add onsalads and pasta menus to attract the customer base. Pizza hut hasincorporated a section for salads and pasta as appetizers which could help Domino’s too in achieving a significant market.

Marketing Strategies

The expenditure in the marketing of Domino’s is reported to be half of that of Pizza Hutand that is the main reason for this lagging.  There is a tiring need to redesign the marketing expenditure and thus come up with a valuable portion being dedicated to the marketing costs.Further, adding on new and exclusive deals, act local strategies for developing countries and the mobile sector should be focused on in developed countries. Moreover, small online videos, family buckets, adding toys with deals, coupons, and reward systems are more likely manners to implement effective marketing strategies(Jones, 2020).

RecommendedStrategic Scenarios

The recommended alternatives or strategic scenarios could be that of innovation and marketing strategy. Both of these would prove effective in overcoming current hurdles and increasing future sustainability. Innovation is a leading strategy concerning advancing circumstances and marketing strategies area prerequisite in any era and trend.These two are more dominant to a positive outcome than the supply chain and diversification of the product line......................

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