Domestic viollence Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Domestic Violence:

According to the University of Michigan, domestic violence can be defined as an individual who uses coercion, stalking, physical violence, emotional and sexual abuse to have power and control over a partner. In the definition of Violence, one person is known as a survivor, and the remaining one is known as an abuser. Often, females mostly refer to as a survivor and males as abuse. A study done by the center for disease control revealed that 85% of the survivors are mostly women who have been beaten by their intimate partners (Siemieniuk et al, 2010).

The problem is of major concern because of its negative consequences over society. It is known to be a major cause of injuries and damages in the U.S., a report has been published by the National Institute of Justice, which revealed that more than 37% of women in the United States admitted in the emergency rooms because of violence done by their partners. Moreover, from three women, at least one is a victim of violence and abuse by their partners (Cook & Philip, 2009).

Abusive Behaviors:

Physical Abuse: an act in which physical harm has been done with partners. Examples of physical abuse include punching, beating, kicking, slapping, pulling hairs etc.

  • Sexual Abuse: it consists of forcing partners to perform sexual activities..
  • Psychological abuse: verbal threats used to de-motivate and let down individuals came under this category.
  • Economic Coercion: economic abuse can be defined as an act of forcing another person to be relying on his/ her partner for their survival and money (American Medical Association, 1998).

The problem of violence:

Social gap and poverty:

The Major reason behind domestic violence is because of social inequity and poverty. Because of non-transparency and inequality in terms of wealth and various opportunities, individuals often face low in terms of self-esteem that in turn resulted in frustration and anger. Another reason for the violence is for a gain of power and authority.

Wider use of Alcohol and drugs:

Another major reason behind domestic violence is excessive use of alcohol and drugs. According to some estimates, South Africa ranked number one in terms of Alcohol and drug consumption.  An act of violence has mostly done after having consumption of Alcohol such as fighting, rape and homicide.

Weak laws and regulations:

Another major reason behind the increasing trend of domestic violence is weak laws and regulations of the respective country. In most of the countries, domestic violence has never been reported to the concerned authorities (American Civil Liberties Union, 2006).

Domestic violence in the United States:

An act of domestic violence influences each and every individual in the U.S. many times; this was the cause in harming the societies. Further, it also has a major part in weakening the basic foundation of the country. It is an act of making fun of humanity and decency in the country.

Statistics have shown that domestic and sometimes known as dating violence is a model through which one control acts of another individual to achieve power over the partners. This violence includes the threat of physical violence, mental, sexual or emotional maltreatment as well. Statistics have shown that around 85% of the women are victims of domestic violence. Moreover, one out of three American females and one out of four females in the world experience any form of violence in their life. Estimation has shown that 1.3 million females in the United States are the victims of physical battering by their individual partners. There are less than 25% of violence that has been reported to the concerned authorities. Women, ageing from 20 to 24 are on the utmost threat of violence from partners. Moreover, male youngsters who have seen violence on females by elders are more likely to follow the same practices.

More than car accidents, rapes and muggings, domestic violence is the major reason of injuries in women. One out of every two women, becomes homeless because of domestic violence. On an average, an American female becomes a victim of violence in every 9 seconds. In the case of homicide, approximately 80% man became violent and abused their partner before the murder (domestic violence facts, 2013).

Domestic violence in European culture:

Despite favorable law and order situation in the European countries, the country is encountering with various issues of domestic violence. A research survey has been done with the help of the European Union, around 1/3 women faced varied forms of violence and physical abuse by opposite sex from the age of 15 or less. The report has been published by the fundamental right agency of the European Union that in which the basic topic was.....................

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