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The founders,Mark Levine and Michael Dublin, met at a party and got involved in a conversation which revolved around the frustration through which both of them were going through due to the high costs of the razors. After this conversation both of these individuals agreed upon investing their money, time and efforts in the idea of selling cheaper but standards quality blades. The operations of the company began in July 2011.

Dollar Shave Club is a company that is located in Venice, California. The company deals in delivering low prices razor and other personal grooming products that are manufactured in China and South Korea to the demanding consumers by mail. Dollar Shave Club is a company that has smartly positioned itself as a cost-effective product, which has enabled the consumers in the market to spend less on shaving equipment's (Club, n.d).

The process of delivering the shaving and grooming products followed by the company is a convenient alternative for the consumers in comparison to the retail chains. The demanding consumers can easily acquire the products from the company by placing an order online and they would be receiving the ordered product at their door step.

Marketing Communication

The company has experienced a strong increase in its sales frequency soon after it aired its commercial on the internet; the company was getting orders from the market customers. The commercial aired by the company effectively and efficiently communicated the intended message to the customer target market and influenced the operations of the company in a positive manner (Observatory, 2014). Soon after the ad was launched by the company, 12,000 people signed up for their service.

Success of the Advertisement

The video made by the company involved the CEO of the Dollar Shaving Club.The advertisement was cleverly crafted by the company with a number of humorous punch lines catchy phrases. Despite the oomph in their advertisement, the company has not ignored the point of highlighting the fundamentals of their business models and how they would be meeting the needs of the customers a much cheaper rate in comparison with the traditional razor vendors.

The different approach in the advertisement made by the company heavily supported the company in creating a strong customer base for them. Soon after the launch of the ad the company received a large number of registrations for their services. The video itself received over 18 million views and over 200,000 Facebook shares, as well as the shared posts over the Facebook received 80,000 comments and more than 110,000 likes. These numbers were a clear sign that the advertisement aired by the company was heavily liked by the viewers and they also share it with their loved ones over social networking websites (GLAZER, 2012)....................

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