Do you really think we are so stupid letter to the CEO of Deutsche Telekom (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This is a three part case study illustrates the key concepts and lessons about leading the adaptive changes in the organization in the context of the turn around Deutsche Telekom, one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world. The case illustrates some of the efforts made by Deutsche Telekom under Rene Obermann after his ascent to the position of Director General of the organization. The case illustrates the problems associated with resistance to adaptive changes, managing expectations of members of their leaders, as well as psychological problems leading necessary but unpopular change efforts in the face of pressure from the stakeholders of the organization who, consciously or unconsciously trying to divert from the change-oriented leaders pressing the organization forward. The case briefly describes the background of Deutsche Telekom on the former state monopolies and his struggle in the current competitive environment, provides information about René Obermann and his ascension to the position of CEO, and presents some change initiatives undertaken by the organization. It ends in a letter to Rene Obermann and Board members of Deutsche Telekom technician in Berlin. The letter, which later became associated with the feeling of many employees of Deutsche Telekom, the author accuses the board of the company is to have no interest in the company's development and well-being of employees, and customer service. In the case shows the response to the letter (which quickly leaked to the media) to Deutsche Telekom in the German society, but also reflect an emotional response from René Obermann, who decided to publicly respond to the letter. Case C provides an overview of changes in action at Deutsche Telekom Rene Obermann under the direction and describes the results are known at the time of this study. "Hide
by Konstantin Korotov, Urs Muller, Ulf Schafer Source: ESMT - European School of Management and Technology 10 pages. Publication Date: August 21, 2009. Prod. #: ES1001-PDF-ENG

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