Ditto Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case scenario illustrates the anecdote of Kate Doerksen in her endeavor as establisher and CEO of Ditto, an eyewear e-commerce organization that established virtual fitting technology. The case engulf’s the period from the initiation of the business in 2010 to its situation in December 2012, when the firm confronted several choices including facing lawsuits from a competitor as well as a patent troll. This case concentrates on these elements of Doerksen's story:

Doerksen became interested in starting her own business, built a solid foundation of experiences, and made some decisions that were crucial to launch Ditto. -- Doerksen developed and crafted the concept of creating an eyewear e-commerce company powered by virtual fitting technology. -- The predicaments that Doerksen faced in her quest for the ideal cofounder(s) of Ditto. -- Doerksen's option to employ her own daddy, against investors' advice and how she balanced investors' needs against organizational demands. The litigations against Ditto from 1800 Contacts and Lennon Imaging Technology, including Doerksen's method of dealing with her perseverance the strikes, and innovative way of keeping the business alive.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about TECHNOLOGY & OPERATIONS

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